Energie Medizin

About me

Professional training

1980-1997     Training and work in the photo-, ceramic-, and music industries in and around                                 Detroit and Los Angeles

1998-1999       Immigration and adjustment to Switzerland 

2000-2010    On-the-job training and experience in gastronomy in Bern, Thun and Beatenberg,   with emphasis on the ayurvedic, macrobiotic and Korean vegetarian kitchens. Completed shiatsu therapy training with diploma at the International Shiatsu School in Kiental and the Swiss Red Cross certifiate as a nurses aid.

Since 2011    Private shiatsu practice in Basel, work as a nurses aid in Oberwil, BL and active member of the Swiss Shiatsu Society (SGS)

Shiatsu Therapy

My shiatsu is greatly informed by my over thirty years practice of Buddhist meditation as well as my training as an artist. As a young man I played competitive basketball and have trained in tai chi chuan since 2000. I have experience supporting clients with problems of the musculoskeletal system like lower back pain, as well as migraine, sleep disorders, symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) often arising out of  stresses related to separation, mobbing, or the death of someone close and repetitive use injuries common to athletes and musicians,  I am particularly interested on helping my clients develop an approach to ther personal health care that they can realistically integrate into their busy schedules.      

Continuing Education and Experience

  • Use of moxa in shiatsu therapy
  • Applying shiatsu to the special needs of older people
  • Shiatsu techniques for treating shock and trauma
  • Adapting the techniques of tuina and shiatsu to the treatment of Triggerpoints
  • Integrating the treatment of fascia with classical shiatsu

Course offerings

  • Self-shiatsu:  learn this combination of self-massage, qi-gong and yoga
  • Partner shiatsu: augment  the knowlege gained in the Self shiatsu course by effectively  harmonizing energy with a partner.
  • Simple Food for Strength and Longevity: Don’t know how and what to cook ina a way that supports your healing process?  Try this short introduction.
  • Meditation and Visualisation: Been told how good meditation is for you but don’t know where to begin? Get your feet wet by trying a few different approaches in this overview.